Introduction to Term Finance

A transparent and scalable non-custodial fixed rate liquidity protocol for digital assets.

The Term Finance Protocol enables noncustodial fixed-rate collateralized lending on-chain (Term Repos) modeled on tri-party repo arrangements common in TradFi. Borrowers and lenders are matched through a unique recurring auction process (Term Auctions) where borrowers submit sealed bids and lenders submit sealed offers that are used to determine an interest rate that clears the market for participants of that auction. Participants who bid more than the clearing rate receive loans and participants willing to lend below the clearing rate make loans, in each case at the market-clearing rate. All other participants’ bids and offers are said to be “left on the table.” At the conclusion of an auction, borrowers receive loan proceeds and lenders receive ERC-20 tokens (Term Repo Tokens), which are receipts that lenders will burn to redeem for principal plus interest at maturity. Protocol smart contracts service these transactions by ledgering repayments and monitoring collateral health and liquidations.

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